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Aim Mate


When you take the Aim-Mate out of the box, the first question that comes to mind is “What can these little strips of plastic do for my golf game?” The answer – quite a bit!

Aim-Mate is a flexible training aid designed purely with the intention of improving your alignment. You can use it on the tee, putting green, fairway, hazard or bunker. What’s more it provides a visual aid to show you the correct swing plane too.

Let’s list some of the pros of this product:

  • Hit balls off it to get you true alignment
  • Stick it in your pocket during a practice round
  • It won’t scratch your clubs
  • Use it at home, on the practice range, putting greens, on-course and even in bunkers
  • Fits tightly over the driving range rubber tee to hold it in place whilst you practice with purpose
  • Ready to use, no assembly required
  • Slips easily into the side pocket of any golf bag
  • Always on-hand for a practice session or pre-round warm-up
  • Highly visual training aid to help you set up and aim correctly on every shot
  • Establishes accurate alignment – feedback is instant
  • Full swing mode helps to reinforce the swing path
  • Putting mode improves green reading skills and the inbuilt markings help to control the backswing
  • Allows you to concentrate on just the length of your putts.

Leejay Barnes. Head Golf Professional at the Celtic Manor Resort says “We use Aim-Mate in our Academy for corporate, group and individual sessions. It’s a practical, portable and highly effective alignment aid, creating good habits that are essential for a strong and consistent setup routine.
See for yourself what Aim-Mate can do for your game. Aim-Mate is available online through their website, www.aim-mate.com.