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Callaway Transitions SOFLX Sunglasses – Take the Sun Out of the Equation.


In the event you’re not familiar with Transitions Optical, they are the company that offers a “photochromic” lens.  Put in layman’s terms, this means that the lenses get darker or lighter based on the amount of UV light they’re exposed to.  In essence, you can go from sunlight to shade (or vice-versa) without having to take your sunglasses off. They also sponsor, fittingly enough, the Transitions Championship, held annually at the Innisbrook Golf Resort in Palm Harbor, FL.

I picked up a pair of Callaway Transitions SOFLX Sunglasses at the 2011 PGA Show in Orlando, FL this past January. They feature the new Transitions SOLFX lenses rebranded by Callaway as Neox.  The lenses have a greenish tint to them (their official color is G22), which is optimized for enhancing clarity, depth perception, and comfort.  It blocks 100% of UV light as well as “blue light”, allowing for crisper, more vivid vision outdoors. They transition (pun intended) from being lightly tinted indoors to a much darker outside on the Florida sun.

These sunglasses work extremely well out on the golf course – particularly on partly cloudy days where the sun is constantly being blocked by clouds.  Whether you are playing on a cloudy day or in bright sunlight, the view from behind the lenses never changes; this is very helpful on the golf course in Florida where the weather changes constantly. They work extremely well at enhancing the contrast on the greens and making the golf ball stand out against the sky.

You will also find the Transitions SOLFX lenses available on Oakley and Definity Fairway products; they can be ordered as a prescription lens as well.

I picked up quite a few pair of sunglasses at the PGA Show in January, but the Callaways with the Neox Transitions SOLFX lenses have definitely become my favorites.  Being able to count on the fact that the view will always be the same regardless of the available light is one thing less to worry about while on the golf course. No more taking the sunglasses and putting them on my hat or in the cart; I can wear them all the time and not think about it. Many times I have walked into the house or a restaurant and forget I have them on.

The Transitions SOFLX lenses are compatible with nearly any frame style and brand name. Currently, they are available through eyecare professionals and retail locations. On the PGA Tour you will find golfers Kenny Perry and Trevor Immelman reaping the benefits of Transitions products which is why Transitions lenses have become the official eyewear of the PGA TOUR.

For more information on the new SOFLX lenses from Transition Optical, you can visit them online at www.Transitions.com.