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Clicgear 4.0 Pushcart – Simply the Best


Ever since they entered the market about 14 years ago, Clicgear has been the best pushcart money can buy.  The 4.0 is the first model I’ve owned and it’s everything you could ask for in a golf pushcart and has received several upgrades over previous models. Perhaps the biggest changes are to the upper and lower saddles. The upper saddle is adjustable and can accommodate just about any size golf bag, including stand bags. With the new design, the bag seems to sit at an angle that makes it easier to slide the clubs in and out of the bag. The lower saddle has been raised slightly off the front wheel which makes it sit a little higher off the ground, a huge plus when you go looking for your ball in the long grass.

The 4.0 also has a new silicone bag strap system that makes strapping your bag on easy and painless. The straps are tacky and grip the bag, so you don’t have to torque them down and possibly crush something inside the bag.

The console for the new 4.0 may look the same as previous versions, but there are several upgrades including the silicone card holder and the lid lock strap on the console which keeps things from falling out.  Between that and the storage net underneath, you should have all the space you’ll need.

When folded up, the Clicgear 4.0 has a very small, 13″ x 15″ x 24″ footprint, making it easy to transport and easy to store. It weighs in at slightly more than 20 pounds and comes with an umbrella holder that needs to be attached to the cart. There are several accessories available as well including a cup holder, cooler bag that attaches neatly underneath, a set – for those long waits in the fairway, and a shoe brush to keep your cleats clean so you can play your best.

Although the Clicgear 4.0 only has 3 wheels, it’s still the best in the business.  It rolls effortlessly down the fairway and is hard to tip over. The handlebars adjust independently of each other, and the handbrake is easy to set and comes in handy, even on the slightest of hills. Once you get the handlebars set in place and to your liking, you’ll find this to be the easiest and best pushcart available on the market. The new 4.0 is available in several colors including white, black, green, pink, army-brown, silver, teal, yellow, and army-khaki. Clicgear guarantees their carts to be free of any defects for parts up to 1 year and for the cart frame up to 3 years. For more information on the new Clicgear 4.0, visit their website at www.clicgearusa.com.