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ClubCrown Stripe – Dress Up Your Driver, Improve Your Aim


ClubCrown, the innovators of being able to personalize drivers, woods and hybrids, recently introduced the ClubCrown Stripe, a product that serves two purposes. First, it can jazz up your current set, even cover up a few dings and nicks if need be. Secondly, and more importantly, it serves as an alignment tool, helping you guide the ball down the fairway.

Unlike the ClubCrown product that covers the entire clubhead, the ClubCrown Stripe is do-it-yourself. It comes with some pretty detailed installation instructions and a link to a video which was very helpful and hosted by an attractive young lady who makes re-watching it worthwhile!

The ClubCrown Stripe comes with a practice round. The package includes an alcohol swab, practice stripe, an alignment triangle and cutting tape, which alone is an ingenious idea. It’s a very thin piece of tape that has a thin, yet strong fiber in it that is used as a cutting tool. Hats off to whoever came up with this idea!

It took me several tries to get the thin strip of tape on the cutting tool lined up correctly on the back of the clubhead. I wanted to make sure than when I actually pulled the trigger – or in this case the string – it didn’t bunch up or go on crooked. The adhesive on the back of the stripe itself is easy to work with and you need to take your time and work with it quite a bit to get all of the air bubbles out to ensure a clean finish. As long as you get the alignment triangle on correctly, everything lines up.

I spent a lot more time with the practice round as opposed to the actual installation of the ClubCrown Stripe. The hardest part was lining up the cutting tape on the back of the club.

In practicality, the stripe is a useful tool. During set up on the range, I noticed a few times that I wasn’t aiming where I thought I was. Now I know why some of those drives that ended up in the middle of the lake! For more information on the new ClubCrown Stripe, you can visit the website www.clubcrownstripe.com.