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Deltona Club – Come Experience the Difference


deltona-new1The 40 year old Deltona Club re-opened in January of 2008 after undergoing a major renovation. Under the direction of Bobby Weed; the noted golf architect responsible for such other course makeovers in the Ponte Vedra Beach, Ormond Beach and New Smyrna; Deltona Club has become “the place to play” in the area.

As part of the renovation, Mr. Weed re-grassed the tee boxes, fairways and all 18 greens, making some of the greens larges and adding in many subtle contours. He also lengthened the course; it now plays over 7,000 yards from the “permission only” back tees. There were also more than 250 trees planted and a new irrigation system was installed. But perhaps the biggest and most obvious change was the addition of several gigantic waste areas. At the Deltona Club, you won’t find any bunkers on the course; you can ground your club in any sand you find!

Although the original routing of the course is basically still the same, several holes have changed dramatically. For instance, number 11, once a manageable, 190-yard par 3 is now a monster at 245-yards. The old par 3 number 7 is now a par 5. And number 9, which used to be a long dogleg left, is now a par 3.

Because of the newness of the course and the economic climate, a clubhouse is yet to be built. The previously planned Bobby Weed driving range is complete; you are free to hit every club in the bag. There is also a large practice green adjacent to the “clubhouse” and a snack bar as well.

Memorable Holes

Number 1: Par 445 yards. Long ball hitters need to be wary of the fairway bunkers and pot bunkers on the left side off the tee. Trees on the right side not only guard the houses behind them but can also be very penal if you hit into them; you’re probably looking at bogey at best. Waste bunker on left side needs to be carried off of tee. Your long approach shot is to an elevated green complex with deep bunkers on the right. The green is flat and very puttable. Par is a good score to start your round!

deltona-newNumber 7: Par 5, 466 yards from tee number 2. Keep your drive left of very, large waste bunker. Trees line the right side. Your layup and approach shots will be straight uphill to the green complex. This may not be the longest whole on the course but if you don’t have a range finder that gives you slope, figuring out distance can be tricky.

Number 8: Par 4, 278 yards. Most of the trouble is on the right side in the form of waste bunkers; play down the left side and you shouldn’t have a problem at all.

Number 11: Par 3, 244 yards. There aren’t many par three holes where a driver is necessary off the tee; however this may be one of them. Not only because of the length but, if there is any wind, it is most likely playing into you.

Number 13: Par 5, 514 yards. The key to succeeding on this hole is to avoid the waste bunkers which seem to be everywhere. You start off hitting from an elevated tee down into a valley. From there you will need two shots (one if you can hit it long AND had a good drive) to get it straight up (and I mean straight up) the fairway to the green. Number 13 is probably the prettiest golf hole on the course.

Number 14 This pretty par 3 plays downhill; about 1 club less than you would usually hit. As you stand on the tee, you will see all kinds of waste bunkers between the tee and large green which slopes back to front. There are also some nasty little pot bunkers up by the green. If you can block the waste areas and pot bunkers from your mind, there’s nothing to this hole. Just get it close!

Last Word:

Standing on the first tee, you realize that you are in for something a little different from your typical flat, carry the water type of Florida course. At Deltona Club, you will find elevation changes not normally associated with Florida golf courses as well as rolling fairways that lead to fairly large, subtly contoured greens. Because of the elevation changes, you will encounter a few blind shots; it really helps to have played the course a time or two.

delSome of the greens are open in from allowing for a senior golfer’s favorite shot; the bump and run. On others, you will have to fly it onto the green. This can allow a player to get imaginative with his short game.

The Deltona Club offers just the right blend of brute power and golf strategy. It’s definitely a worthwhile stop off Interstate-4 on your way to or from the Daytona/Orlando area.