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Energy Care USA Sports Band – New Technology to Help You Feel Better


At the PGA Show back in January, I picked up one of the Energy Care USA bracelets. The company claims that their products help to correct a cellular imbalance in the body and battle the harmful electromagnetic energy which is emitted from the electrical and electronic devices that surround us.

Apparently, this is accomplished is through EnergyCare’s new technological discovery; something called Atraxlite. Atraxlite draws in natural light through vibrations at subatomic levels. The natural light is in turn attracted to aluminum chips containing Atraxlite technology and then pulled into the blood stream, thereby maximizing the body’s ability to absorb natural light.

But wait, there’s more! As natural light is absorbed into the body, it starts a Molecular Alignment Process (MAP); aligning and restructuring stressed out water molecules. The combination of Atraxlite™ along with this Molecular Alignment Process improves the body’s electromagnetic energy field, increasing the body’s energy channels, and helping to eliminate toxins.

I know what you’re thinking; this all sounds great, but what’s in it for me?

EnergyCare products allow your body to operate at a consistent and high level of energy because they correct the balance of electromagnetic energy. Therefore, EnergyCare USA’s products allow energy levels to operate at capacity, enabling your body’s defenses to operate efficiently as well.

EnergyCare products have been successful; you can see evidence of this in the testimonials section of their website. Moreover, the can be used by people of all ages, genders, and physical abilities. Customer feedback shows that EnergyCare products increase energy, combat fatigue, reduce stress, help insomnia, and improve concentration, strength, speed, flexibility and balance. They also have a complete line of products for your pet!

The results I experienced with my EnergyCare bracelet vary. Although I have not fallen prey to any illnesses since I started wearing it, I can’t swear to the fact that it’s because of the bracelet. I rarely get sick to begin with. I do seem to have more energy of late which we will chalk up to the Energy Care product. I really can’t offer any insight into better memory, concentration, balance, speed or flexibility. At $49.95 for the Sports Band, a purchase isn’t in my immediate plans. As for my dogs, I doubt you will find them sleeping on any EnergyCare Pet Pads.

Keep in mind, EnergyCare’s products are not intended to truly cure any illness or affliction; they just help in the process. EnergyCare offers many products outside of the sports bracelets; including health bands, the dream pillow, and the personal card.

For more information on understanding the technology behind Energy Care USA, you can visit their website at www.EnergyCareUSA.com.