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Frogger BrushPro – The Last Brush You’ll Ever Need


Are you tired of poking holes in your fingers with your bronze metal brush cleaner? Are you tired of bending over your bag at an awkward angle trying to clean your club after a bad shot? Do you suffer from dirty grooves?

Now there is one tool on the market that can solve all of your problems; the BrushPro from Frogger. The BrushPro was invented by Jeremiah Bohannon at Frogger and is a remarkable new brush design that addresses these issues and more! This ergonomically designed brush allows you to clean club faces (including groves) and shoe spikes in seconds.

The BrushPro package comes with three replfrogger-brushaceable heads: a nylon brush head for forged irons; a nylon/bronze brush head for your cast irons and a separate brush for cleaning the soles of your shoes.

It’s available in four bag-matching colors – orange, blue, red and gray and features an ergonomically designed handle that fits nicely in the palm of your hand.

The groove cleaner works really well and fits nicely into the brush. It’s versatile enough to get out dirt that has been there forever. The retractable cord is a nice touch as well; no more contorting your body into positions you never knew you were capable of to clean your 5-iron! Simply give it a gentle tug and IT comes to YOU!

The clip on the BrushPro looks like it might be the weak link in the design but trust me, it’s virtually indestructible! Once it’s clipped on correctly, you don’t have to worry about losing it.

Last Word: The fact that the heads on the BrushPro are replaceable means you won’t be buying new brushes every year; the BrushPro is going to be on your bag for a while. Add in such features as the retractable cored and the spike brush and groove cleaner and you quickly realize that this is a lot more than a club brush. Oh, and you won’t need to carry as many band aids any more.

The BrushPro retails for $19.95 and is available at most major golf outlet stores including Golfsmith and Golf Galaxy. Or you can order online at www.froggergolf.com. You will get a BrushPro with groove cleaner, a combo brush head (the bronze/nylon one), a 100% nylon brush head, and a brush head holder.