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Grip4orce – Revolutionizing Grip Strength


When I saw the Grip4orce booth at the PGA Show last January I thought “How strange. Everyone else I’ve talked to at the show is promoting a loose golf grip; why in the world would someone be promoting a product that strengthens the grip? After speaking with a representative at the booth and using the product myself my stance quickly changed. Grip4orce does much more than just make your grip stronger. They target the muscles that flex, extend and rotate your wrist joint and build stronger forearms; something essential in order to have a powerful golf swing.
Grip4orce can be used on any standard barbell or dumbbell; creating a 2” diameter bar. Grip4orce has an inner-core resistance that thick or regular bars don’t have. Hands and wrists are often overlooked in sports training. Using thick bars can help bulk up those hard-to-develop areas.

The benefits of the Grip4orce are immeasurable; you gain more leverage from the increased amount of work required to hold onto a thicker bar. By applying constant pressure, tension in the hands is multiplied, activating more hard-to-reach muscles in the fingers, wrists and forearms. After all, a muscle that is working hard will recruit the neighborhood of muscles and if they are already a part of the action, it amplifies their strength.

Grip4orce is available in two models:

Regular Flex Grip – Perfect for all types of bars and dumbbells due to its lighter resistance.

Stiff Flex – Specifically engineered for the advanced athlete or weight trainer.


  • Converts bars and dumbbells to 2″ diameter.
  • Spreads weight evenly for reduced strain on joints.
  • Increases thumb, finger, forearm, hand and wrist strength.
  • Targets 100% of the muscles used instead of fractions of it.

For more information on Grip4orce or to purchase a set for yourself, you can visit them online at www.Grip4orce.com. Or, give them a call at (937) 222-GRIP (4747). You can also purchase Grip4orce at several online fitness sites. They retail for around $35.00 a pair.