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Heavy Driver – Worth the Weight!


It only makes sense that the company that brought us the Heavy Putter and the Heavy Wedge would follow that up with the Heavy Driver (and recently the Heavy irons, but we’ll save that review for later).

heavy-driverThe Heavy Driver made huge waves at the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando Florida this past January; many who saw it were quite surprised with the results.

Most golfers are searching for a driver that the ball flies off the clubface when struck properly. Such is the case with The Heavy Driver.

Granted, the Heavy Driver is a far cry from being the lightest club you can buy (hence the name) but according to Steve Boccieri, founder of Boccieri Golf, that’s part of the secret. The ball has that wonderful feel that golfers love; just jumping off the driver’s face at impact.

The head of the driver weighs 208 grams, but by adding 50 grams to the butt end of the grip, the club is better balanced with a very manageable swing weight.

There are many benefits to this added weight. For one, it helps to keep the club on plane better. It also leads to a smoother transition and a squarer face at impact; all ending with a more balanced finish. What’s more, this improved balance gains valuable MPH in clubhead speed. The face plate inside the head has a dimple pattern which allows a redistribution of weight.

I recently had the opportunity to take the Heavy Driver over to the driving range at Gateway Country Club in Ft. Myers, FL (www.gatewaygolf.com). At first, I could not believe how badly I was hitting it; had I let all the positive feedback I had seen get in my head? It certainly was a letdown. Out of the first 20 balls I hit, I would say I was only happy with about three of them. I put the club down for a while and hit some irons.

Before leaving (totally discouraged) I decided to give the Heavy Driver another try and boy was I glad I did! The ball started sailing long and straight. After a few minor grip adjustments I was able to work the ball with a fade or a draw and it responded well. I have been using a very light drivers for the last few months and I am confident that once I get my arms “trained” to this new club, the results will only get better.

At 460 cc, the head is pretty standard and resembles most of the other drivers on the market. It comes in only three lofts, 9 degrees, 10 degrees and HL (12.5 degrees). The Heavy Driver is now available in two colors – black or a white glossy finish. The Heavy Driver has a suggested retail price is $399 and is available at most of the top golf shops in the US. For more information, visit www.boccierigolf.com.