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Lean Two Club Stand


The LeanTwo club stand is a very handy tool during those early morning rounds when the ground is still wet or better yet, when cart path only rules are in effect.

The LeanTwo is a club stand that weighs less than a pound and fits inside your golf bag; it won’t damage your clubs or your bag. LeanTwo is made of strong Carbon Steel with a Powder Coat Epoxy Paint making it quite durable; it won’t bend under normal use. It is built to last for several years.

The LeanTwo will support up to four well placed clubs; two with no engineering skills at all. It stands about 32 inches tall with a support for the grips of 4 ½ inches. It inserts easily into the ground and only needs to be sunk in 2 – 3 inches. The carbon steel design of the LeanTwo means it won’t bend or buckle when you push it into dry ground. The powder coat epoxy paint means the LeanTwo won’t rust from the rain or moisture.

In a nutshell, the LeanTwo is a new golf accessory that helps keep your clubs dry, clean and seen. For some of us that tend to leave clubs on and around the green, this can prove to be a valuable accessory and pay for itself very quickly! Having dry grips without making the club do a balancing act on a tee is a nice feature as well. LeanTwo can also come in handy at the practice range if there are no bag stands around.

For more information on the LeanTwo club stand you can visit them online at www.LeanTwoGolf.com. The LeanTwo is available at Golfsmith.com and several other online golf shops.