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Mission Belts – A Perfect Fit, Every Time


Mission Belt is not only one of the best belts money can buy, it’s a belt with a mission. And, when you buy a Mission Belt, you become part of the mission.

Their mission is actually a great philanthropic effort – a dollar from every belt goes to fight hunger and poverty worldwide through micro-lending. Micro-loans range from $25-$500 dollars per loan and in these parts of the world even small loans make a big difference. In parts of the world where millions of industrious, motivated people are striving for a better life, sometimes the only thing holding them back is a few bucks to get things started. Mission Belt looks at it more as lending a hand rather than a handout.

In order to facilitate this plan, Mission Belt has partnered with Kiva, a peer-to-peer micro-lending institution, to help get their Mission Loans out to those in need around the world. Kiva’s micro-loans invest in individuals with an idea and the desire to work who don’t have access to traditional sources of capital. To date, Mission Belt and their customers have processed loans in over 79 nations worldwide and have given out more than 200,000 unique loans that range anywhere from $25-$500 each. Mission Belt is helping hard-working people put food on their tables while giving them the opportunity to make their way out of poverty and hunger.

The Belts themselves are unique works of art. Mission Belts have no holes; holes that will stretch out and look bad. Mission Belts have a ratchet mechanism in the buckle; they adjust every quarter inch. So if you spend a couple of days grazing the buffets on that cruise vacation, you can rest assured that your belt is going to fit perfectly every time.

The release lever on each Mission Belt is intuitive and smooth, making it relatively easy to unbuckle. It’s something you’ll be grateful for the next time you’re going through airport security or have a bathroom emergency. The straps are made of leather, real leather. Not your typical coarse rough leather; these straps are smooth and shiny. They’re just priced so that everyone can afford them. They also offer canvas and nylon belts. Mission Belts are available in two widths – 35mm and 40mm. All buckles and straps are interchangeable within their respective width.

The Belt you bought is a little too long? No problem, you can resize it yourself. Simply undo the clasp on the back of the buckle and slide the strap out. Get a pair of scissors and cut the strap to the appropriate length; just be sure to cut the end that goes in the buckle. Once you get the desired length, put it back together and put it on!

Mission Belts are available in several styles and colors. On the website you’ll find several collections for men and women including Italian Leather, Western, and Boss. They also have buckles from many of your favorite NBA, NHL and NCAA teams. Women’s belts are more about color than different styles and textures. No matter what you choose, you’re assured of a great looking, perfect fitting belt. Every time. They also have a few belts for kids.

You can see everything Mission Belts has to offer including some cool hats and tee shirts at www.missionbelt.com.