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NEW Bright Venture from Tail Activewear – It Will Have You “Tickled Pink”


Another month, and another fabulous color collection from Tail Activewear is revealed.  Each month throughout the year; the designers at Tail pick new color combinations that are sure to be bright and eye catching.  If your looking for that unique color addition to your wardrobe, look no further than the Lazer Pink, Black, and White combinations you will find in Tail’s Bright Venture collection.

Tail continues to evolve with a fresh new focus each month; with designs that simply make sense to the modern woman.  At Tail Activewear, they add their own spin to common women’s staple pieces; something that makes them stand out among the ever-growing roster of golf apparel designers.  It’s much more than simply your typical A-line golf skort and sleeveless polo from the past.  Each piece is made with the most efficient moisture wicking materials and breathable fabrics to maximize comfort so you can look great no matter what your activity of choice might be.

The Bright Venture collection introduces an amazing new design with the Viviana Skort and is one of Tail’s best additions ever.  When you combine the angled hem, Lazer Pink stripes, and comfy, breathable fabric, you come up with one very impressive look. This brilliant prismatic pattern will most certainly have everyone talking.  Pair it with either the Jayzel or Albany top and you’re ready for the day, whether it takes you to the golf course or to the shopping mall.

Another great skort that carries style wherever you go is the Sophia Skort.  This bright solid Lazer Pink skort has a full-hemmed ruffle all around the bottom and provides plenty of room for your golf stance so you can focus on your game.  With this skort, you have an array of choices for paring just the right top with it.  The Irondale or Audrina sleeveless polos are a great match.  One look will give you that striking “head turning” entrance you want to make and the other carries with it a softer floral print to make people do a double take.  Choosing just one look is a difficult decision to make, so why not treat yourself to both?

If you’re looking for some great short sleeve top options, this collection has several choices.  You can’t go wrong with either the Albany or the Remy.  And be sure to check out some of the Black and White pants and skorts in Tail’s Better Than Basics collection to give these tops even more versatility.  If you’re facing one of those chilly fall mornings on the course, try the Rosemary long sleeve ¼ zip mock neck top.  The Rosemary has two pockets, and features mesh inserts on the sides for style, as well as the full length of the sleeve for maximum breathability.

One thing is for sure, women golfers across the country will be talking this fall about new golf apparel collections, colors, and styles and Tail Activewear is sure to be the subject of many conversations. The question is, will they be talking about what YOU are wearing?   Or will they be talking about the woman in the “Lazer Pink Skort”? Check it out for yourself at: www.Tailactivewear.com.