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Revo: Great Sunglasses For Golf


Revo makes a number of popular styles that fit well into your golf game. Here are a few of my favorites. All four are now available with prescription lenses.

Revo Zinger. Zinger is a lightweight, polarized sunglass that flatters all shapes of faces. The keyhole bridge and slip-reducing rubber keeps nose pads keep the fit comfortable. The frame is made from an impact-resistant, glare-reducing nylon with a flatter profile, temple to temple. Revo’s high contrast polarized Serilium+ lenses enhance clarity, reduce glare and enhance clarity of digital screens by filtering out harmful UV, HEV, and Blue Light. The wide temple pieces provide stability which is important on the golf course. Zinger is available in a variety of frame/lens combinations. Matte Black Scratch/Blue Water, Crystal Sand/Champagne, and Matte Black Scratch/Graphite.

Canyon is an aviator style frame and is part of a dream team collaboration between the Jeep brand and Revo. The shape of the frame draws inspiration from the Jeep’s iconic fender. The lightweight stainless-steel frame is designed to fit larger faces and is effortlessly held in place with handmade acetate temple tips and adjustable silicone nose pads while NASA-based polarized lens technology protects your eyes and enhances your view. Canyon also utilizes Revo’s high contrast polarized Serilium+ lenses which reduce glare and enhance clarity of digital screens. Canyon is available in several frame/lens combinations including Chrome/Graphite, Gunmetal/Evergreen and Satin Brown/Terra

Jett is one of Revo’s new models. It’s bold wraparound semi-rimless shape id perfect for golf, especially in very warm climates where rimless frames are preferred. Jett allows for seamless panoramic views and full protection from glare using Revo’s high-tech NASA-based polarized lens technology to make it the ultimate performance sunglass. The high contrast polarized Serilium+ lenses are held effortlessly in place with Elastomeric nose pads and unique rubber temple design for secure, all-day comfort. The frame has a more curved profile, temple to temple and is very lightweight with a larger field of vision. These have become my go to sunglasses for just about everything. Jett is available in several frame/lens combinations: Matte Grey/Blue Water, Matte Navy/Black, Matte Black/Graphite, Matte Black/Drive, and Shiny Tortoise/Evergreen.

Revo’s new Rebel sunglasses are part of their Bear Grylls collection. miss a thing with the Rebel’s maximum wrap coverage are perfect for bright, sunny days on the golf course. Rebel features glare-reducing Revo lightweight, impact-resistant polycarbonate lens tech and a supremely durable Revo SuperFlex frame which is bendable and virtually indestructible frame material. They feature elastomeric nose pads and a flexible temple for a comfortable, secure fit, with slip-reducing rubber that keeps the frame in place. The Rebel Sunglasses are available in several frame/lens combinations including Matte Black/Blue Water, Matte Grey/Graphite and Matte Blue/Graphite.

Having trouble seeing the scorecard? Check out Revo’s new readers which not only boost your site, but they’ll also boost your confidence because they look so good. Best of all, Revo’s unbeatable lens technology always protects your eyes without sacrificing style. Their clear readers and computer glasses block harmful Blue light, cut glare from digital screens and reduce eye strain. Three styles – Ace, Mae and Wes – are available in several frame colors including Crstal Ble, Crystal Grey, Tortoise, Red Horn, and Pink Horn.

These are just a few of the new styles I like for golf. I advise you to visit the Revo website, www.Revo.com to pick your favorites.