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SeeMore Putters – A Perfect Line Every Time


see-more1Putting is undoubtedly the most important part of the game; after all, half of par is putting. It’s also the part of the game that gets in your head; I’m sure many PGA Tour Pros would back me on this.

When it comes to putters and brand recognition, the big companies (Callaway Taylormade and PING) definitely have the upper hand. They are sold everywhere the rest of their equipment is sold and they have the big marketing budgets to boot. So, if a small putting company wants to survive in this ever-growing and ultra-competitive market segment, they would need to create something that is a) legitimate, and b) can easily be bought into by the masses, right?

The SeeMore Putter Company has done just that with their patented Riflescope Technology. SeeMore has become one of the premier independent putter brands in the world. Their putters receive rave reviews from all levels of golfers, from touring professionals to daily hackers that have discovered some recent magic with their SeeMore flat stick. Their technology, innovation, craftsmanship, and overall performance is second to none.

SeeMore’s unique RifleScope Technology (RST) allows you to set the putter up perfectly along your intended target line. The bottom 8” of the shaft is black, and for good reason. To correctly utilize SeeMore’s Riflescope Technology, simply use the black part of the shaft to make the red dot on the heel of the putter disappear. When all you can see when you look down the putter are the two white lines on either side of the red dot, don’t move; you’re perfectly square to your target line. Now take it straight back and straight through and you should make the putt (providing your line was correct)! The SeeMore putter puts you in perfect position to make a consistent and reliable stroke every time.

see-more2All SeeMore putters are “face balanced at impact” meaning they’re dynamically balanced to the angle you putt and naturally return to square at impact. This leads to less manipulation during the stroke which helps keep the putter face on the correct path. Adding a Super Stroke grip was also a big help with me and eliminated my wrists.
Believe it or not, SeeMore putters have been in the bags of PGA Tour Pro’s since 1999, and probably even before then. That’s when Payne Stewart won the 1999 U.S. Open using a SeeMore putter in the greatest clutch final round putting performance in US Open History. In 2007, Zach Johnson used a SeeMore FGP putter to win the 2007 Masters and most recently the 2015 Open Championship at The Old Course in St. Andrews.

Golfers who know SeeMore putters know that they are not only playing a quality club, they have the company behind them as well. SeeMore builds made-to-order putters for any player interested, providing the golfer with the exact look, feel, and balance they desire, in any specification they need.

In order for become a vendor of their putters, SeeMore has interested parties go through a simple fitting certification process to become SPi Certified. The process takes about 15 minutes. It includes becoming well-versed on the benefits of the RifleScope Technology, taking the proper measurements to gauge correct length, Posturing, eyeline, alignment, lie angle and loft.

After reading the info and watching the short videos, I was ready to fit myself for the putter. On the page of each putter description is a “Learn How to Fit Yourself for A SeeMore Putter” section. Fill out the information, add it to your online shopping cart, pay for your putter and then sit back and wait for UPS to arrive.

see-more3Having used a mallet putter for the better part of 10 years, I chose the Corona Del Mar (CDM) FGP Deep Flange figuring it was a modest compromise. I’ve been using this putter exclusively for the past three months and have seen a sharp decline in my number of putts. It’s easy to square up the putter head and the results my SeeMore delivers are incredible. I doubt I’ll be changing any time soon.

Best yet, your satisfaction is guaranteed when you buy a SeeMore putter. Any putter purchase through their online store or any of their authorized resale partners is 100% guaranteed. SeeMore is a company that stands firmly behind its products and their performance. And, if you own a SeeMore putter, you are free to contact the company at any time with any questions about how you can get the most out of your SeeMore and improve your putting stroke. They promise to help you improve.

To see the complete line of SeeMore putters, visit their website at www.seemore.com  . They are also available at many of the big box retailers.