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Srixon Z 785 Driver – Tour Proven, Public Approved


PGA TOUR Professional Keegan Bradley says: “This driver’s faster. This driver’s longer. This driver’s better. It’s really coming off hot and straight. It’s very forgiving and the sweet spot is really big.”

Bradley’s talking about Srixon’s new Z Series drivers, clubs that will boost your speed and distance off the tee thanks to a Ti51AF Cup Face. This cup face is the thinnest, lightest, strongest, and hottest driver face Srixon has ever put on one of their clubs.

In addition to its hottest face ever, the Z 785 Driver promotes a low-spin, penetrating trajectory in a tour preferred look and profile. The weight has been transferred to the perimeter and a lightweight carbon crown offers more forgiveness and less offline dispersion. This new carbon crown is 65% less dense than the previous titanium crown and Cleveland claims it is stronger than even premium composite crowns. The focus these changes is to make the hitting area as large as possible.

In spite of it’s beautiful shape, the Z 785 driver has all the forgiveness most players will ever need.  The head is compact and symmetrical, precisely what golf purists prefer.  For the most part, the clubhead is a glossy black color, with the carbon fiber crown providing a little bit of contrast however once you get ear the clubface, it’s back to black for less distraction.

Performance is everything. Ball speed, spin, and launch all stay pretty consistent even if your shot striking is all over the face. Well struck drives tend to have a medium to high launch, low spin rate and a piercing trajectory. The lower spin rate can be attributed directly to the stock Hand Crafted Project X HZRDUS Black shaft. Unlike stock shafts in many off-the-rack drivers, the HZRDUS Black shaft is meticulously hand crafted in Project X’s San Diego prototype lab. Handcrafted shafts have higher tolerances and are held to higher standards, meaning you are getting a premium shaft at a not so premium price. HZRDUS Black is perfect for stronger and more aggressive golfers and features increased stiffness along the full length of the golf shaft. It also allows you to shape shots both ways while maintaining consistent trajectory and distance. A Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 grip is also standard equipment.

The sound produced at impact is surprisingly quiet, a welcome change from the many cannon-sounding drivers on the market. As impressive as the sound is – or isn’t – the feedback is that much more. Shots not hit in the middle of the clubface seem to fly almost as far as those perfectly struck.

At first glance, the Z 785 driver seems to be modestly adjustable, however unscrew the clubhead and that perception changes dramatically. The Z785 features QTS, short for Quick Tune System.  Adjustments to the hosel allow you to add or subtract 1 degree of loft and modify the lie angle by as much as 2 degrees up or down.  The instruction manual included with the driver provides excellent guidance on how exactly to fine tune the driver. The Z 785 driver is available in two lofts: 9.5° and 10.5°.

That’s not the only adjustable feature on the Z 785 driver. There’s also an interchangeable weight in the back of the club that allows you to change the swing weight. The 12g weight is standard, however weights from 4g – 16g are also available.

Apart from a great looking club, Srixon has also included a great looking head cover, in red leather! Stick the name EVERLAST on it and you’d swear you have a boxing glove!

As far back as I can remember, Srixon has been a golf ball company, however the last few years have seen their stock rise as a contender within the equipment industry. With their latest release of drivers, woods, hybrids and irons, Srixon is poised to make a dent in that market as well. Give the new Z 785 driver a try and see for yourself how good it feels. Srixon is so sure that they’ve produced a winner that they’re offering a 60-day money back guarantee. For more information, visit the Srixon website at www.srixon.com.