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Sun Mountain PX4 Pushcart: Easy to Open. Easy to Close, Easy to Use.


When I opened the door and saw the size of the small box that held my new Pathfinder PX4 Pushcart from Sun Mountain, I immediately started wondering what tools I would need to assemble it. Pliers, an adjustable wrench, screwdrivers, and a variety of sockets were surely needed to get this piece of equipment functional.

I opened the box and immediately started searching for an instruction booklet. To my surprise all I could find was a postcard with less than basic instructions; one side in English, the other side in French. Apologies to my Latino friends. I kept looking and inside the clear plastic-covered compartment was a folded up 8” x 11” piece of paper with instructions on how to attach your bag for first use. Still nothing on how to get this lightweight little rascal open.

I went on the Sun Mountain website and found a video – albeit silent (other than the elevator music playing in the background as this photogenic couple opened their golf carts and proceeded to tee it up. After rewinding the video several times, I finally figured it out. It turned out to be very simple however given my proclivity to use brawn over brains, I had erred on the side of caution (and not having to make up some lame excuse and return it).

Opening the new Pathfinder PX4 Pushcart was as simple as holding down a front wheel and pulling up the handle until it clicked/locked into place. Then, just extend the handle to the desired angle, and voila, you’re good to go. To close it up when you’re ready to go, simply unlock and fold the handle and then press on the locking mechanism to unlock and push down. Throw it in the trunk and you’re off.

I must admit, I was skeptical about how maneuverable a 4-wheeled pushcart would be, but it’s so light that turning it is as easy as lifting the front wheels off the ground and repositioning it. The hand brake is conveniently located near the end of the handle and is easy to set and release. I found it came in especially handy on the hills around the green.

As pushcarts go, the Pathfinder PX4 is loaded with features. Besides the easy 2-step opening and closing process, it will accommodate just about any size golf bag. Bags attach easily with the adjustable length bungee cords. The continuous handle on the PX4 allows the cart to be pushed with one hand and the updated console tray has dual-umbrella attachments which allow an umbrella to be placed on either side of the console. The accessory console has been redesigned and easily holds a few balls, tees, gloves, and cell phones. Need more storage space? The PX4 has a mesh basket and a velour-lined valuables pouch. It also includes a drink holder. It’s available in several colors including Black, White, Atomic Yellow, Magnetic Grey/Red, Cement/Grey,  and Big Sky Blue.

The new PX4 is available through the Sun Mountain website (www.sunmountain.com) and several major golf retailers.

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