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Edison Wedges – Revolutionizing the Way You Think Your Wedge Game


Terry Koehler has been around the game of golf for most of his life. Back in the day, he was the marketing genius behind the Ben Hogan brand, which was founded in 1953, a brand that he resurrected in 2014.

He sold the Ben Hogan brand and went back to his bread and butter: designing wedges. Terry has been designing wedges for over 30 years. I first met him around 2003 when he had Eidolon Wedges, but his history with wedges goes back a lot farther than that.

In addition to Eidolon and now Edison, Koehler has owned a couple of other wedge companies. His Reid Lockhart wedges introduced a thicker upper face section that improved spin and shot dispersion in 1995. In 2003, his Eidolon Wedges were also the first to incorporate 100% CNC-milled faces and grooves. Then in 2011, he introduced progressive weighting throughout the “scoring clubs” with his wedge company SCOR. The TK 15 wedges he created at Ben Hogan continued down this path. Suffice it to say with each iteration he was years ahead of the competition. Terry Koehler claims that the Edison Forged wedges are his best work yet and after playing them, I have to agree.

Edison Golf began building and shipping wedges in April 2020; not exactly the ideal time to get a company off the ground. Nevertheless, the company is gaining notoriety and sales are climbing.

Several design concepts make Edison wedges superior to anything else on the market. The first is the redistribution of mass. Unlike popular “tour design” forged wedges where the majority of the mass is in the bottom 1/3 of the clubhead, Edison has distributed the mass more evenly across the back of the clubhead – both top-to-bottom and heel-to-toe – which delivers a more efficient impact on those shots missed high on the face or toward the toe. They’ve added just the right amount of perimeter weighting too.

Another design that separates Edison from the competition is the sole. Edison is Koehler’s latest iteration of his patented Koehler sole. First of all, forget about everything you learned about bounce. Edison wedges have a V-shaped sole; the rear portion of the sole has a low bounce for tight lies, firm turf, and shallow swing paths. The leading portion of the sole has a high bounce, allowing one wedge to also handle softer lies and steeper swings.

All of these design concepts come together to help create incredible spin that is easy to control. No one knows groove geometries and face treatments better than Terry. The faces of the Edison wedges are fly-cut to perfect flatness and then progressive grooves are CNC-milled into it: width, depth, spacing, and wall angle are all optimized for each range of lofts.

They’ve also found a way to increase the durability of your wedge so you can get far more than the 50 or so rounds your investment is usually good for. Their Durable Chrome plating is twice as thick as the competition’s and although it costs a little more, it significantly increases the effective life of the club.

Every great clubhead deserves a great shaft and grip. Edison Golf has partnered with KBS to offer three premium shafts as their standard offering: KBS Tour and KBS Tour 105 in either stiff or regular flexes, and the KBS Tour Graphite 80 in stiff, regular, and ‘A’ flex.  Topping it off (literally) is a Golf Pride MCC +4 grip which has become the most popular grip in golf.

Edison Forged wedges are custom-built for each golfer. The easiest way to do it is to go on their website and click Edison WedgeFit at the top of the page and answer some questions. Hit submit and within a day, you’ll be contacted by a representative to go over your information and put together your order.

I’ve been playing my Edison wedges for about 6 months now and they have found a permanent place in my bag. They are my go-to clubs from about 130 yards in. They are easy to swing and perform extremely well, even with a poor swing. They are easy to control both the distance and the spin. Stopping the ball on the green has never been so easy!

Edison Forged wedges are available in odd-numbered lofts from 45 to 63. The retail price is $179 with steel shafts; $194 with graphite. There is no charge for adjustments to loft, length, lie, and swing weight.  They back every wedge with an unprecedented Performance Guarantee.  You can play your Edison Forged wedges for up to 30 days and see for yourself how they improve your game. If you don’t agree, simply return them and Edison Golf will replace them with any other wedges on the market you think you would like better. They’ll even send you back the change if your replacement wedges cost less than the Edison wedges. For more information or to begin the process, visit www.edisonwedges.com.