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GOLFFOREVER At-Home Training System – Train Like the Pros Do.


Thanks to GOLFFOREVER Ambassadors Ryan Palmer, Zach Johnson, Justin Leonard, and Scotty Sheffler, this new golf fitness company is paying big dividends; not only for founder and owner Dr. Jeremy James but also for golfers who may be looking to shed a few pounds and add some flexibility, range of motion and clubhead speed.

For those of you not familiar with the company, GOLFFOREVER was founded by Dr. James in Aspen, Colorado in 2019 and is the first-of-its-kind golf training system that integrates resistance bands and swing training equipment with an intuitive app that delivers personalized exercise and recovery plans, the same programs that are used by PGA Tour doctors and trainers.

GOLFFOREVER uses a science-based approach to help golfers maximize their performance by improving flexibility, core strength, balance, and rotational power. It’s the first golf-specific training program that uses home exercise equipment and streaming instruction that can be customized for each golfer’s exercise routine. It’s all based upon a proprietary strength and flexibility test that users take before getting started with the program. After taking the test, the app formulates a safe and highly effective workout program. These exercise routines are designed by some of the top PGA Tour trainers and orthopedic experts in the U.S. and are used by more than 100 PGA Tour and LPGA Tour players, as well as thousands of everyday golfers like you.

The GOLFFOREVER Swing Trainer launched in January 2022 and quickly contributed to the brand’s meteoric rise. The GOLFFOREVER training equipment includes an asymmetrical resistance training bar that can be anchored easily at home, in the gym, or if you’re running late for your tee time, to the golf cart at the course before your next round. Interchangeability may be the key to the Swing Trainer’s success; the premium resistance bands with handles and D3 swing weight-optimized heavy warmup club gives it three unique uses that provide a direct benefit to strength and mobility in your golf swing.

I’m only a few weeks into working out with the GOLFFOREVER system and I’m already starting to see results, not in the form of longer, straighter tee and approach shots (yet), but in flexibility and range of motion. I’m stretching and strengthening muscles That I forgot were there! I find that it provides better focus on each shot as well.

GOLFFOREVER has formed strategic partnerships with several influential golf industry organizations such as Invited Clubs (formerly ClubCorp), Folds of Honor, and the Veteran Golfers Association. In addition to ordering online, the GOLFFOREVER system can also be found in several brick-and-mortar golf shops including Dick’s Sporting Goods, Golf Galaxy, and PGA Tour Superstore, as well as several green grass locations nationwide.

For more information or to purchase the GOLFFOREVER in-home training system, you can visit them online at www.golfforever.com or visit one of the big box golf retailers mentioned above. They are currently running a couple of Labor Day specials that include $20 off retail for the Swing Trainer and $100 off the GolfForever Swing Trainer when bundled with a 12-month subscription.