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Swing Control Masters Collection – Keeping Things Under Control!


Swing Control. If you think about it, the name says it all. Swing, as in golf swing; Control as in tummy control. It’s brilliant, and from all indications, greatly appreciated by ladies who want to look their best as they make their way around the course.

Swing Control is a Canadian-based, women’s golf apparel company whose skilled designers spent years turning “active wear” into “anytime” wear. They’ve combined slimming tummy control with unparalleled quality. It’s golf wear that can be worn anywhere by anybody and literally for any occasion!

One of Swing Control’s biggest selling lines is the Masters Collection – as in Masters of Tummy Control, not the golf tournament. All Swing Control apparel is designed to flatten the tummy and create a slimming effect. The key is the double layer of printed polka dot, moisture control, power-knit tummy control hidden in the 4 1/4″ wraparound waistband, which ensures a sleek silhouette. They feature a pull-on design with two front pockets and two back pockets. Within the Masters line are full-length pants, ankle pants, capri pants, skorts and shorts.

The Backspin Masters Slim Pant is not only fashionable but extremely functional. You’ll be amazed at just how fast these become your favorite “go to” pants for any occasion. They are a full length pant with a 30” inseam and a slim fit in the legs. They are available in sizes 0 – 16 and in several colors: Military, Orange, Electric Blue, White, Black and Stone.

The Masters Ankle Pant are a little shorter with a 28” inseam; they too are available in sizes 0 – 16 and in a number of colors: New Red, White, Navy, Stone, Black, Bright Pink and Dove Grey. There are also several colorful patterns and prints available too. So whether your looking for a sleek and professional look or more of a flashy, flirty & fun look; these pants are sure to spice up your wardrobe and look your best!

Swing Control also has some great capri pants within the Masters Collection. The 24″ Bloc golf capri is designed with the same wider 4 1/4″ waistband for a sleek silhouette and a double layer of tummy control power-knit hidden in the waistband for the perfect slimming effect and the printed polka dot knit fabric on inside of waistband helps to control moisture. The striped and color blocked hem at the bottom of the leg adds a special look. The Bloc Capri Pant is available in sizes 0 – 16 and in Black, White and Stone.

The Swing Control 24” Crop pant has all of the features of the Bloc capri, with a 24” inseam and features detailing around the cuff which not only looks good, it provides a little cooling effect as well. They are available in sizes 0 – 16 and in either White, Black, or Navy (called Ladder Crop).

Shorts in the Masters Collection are available in a variety of colors, prints, patterns and lengths. We specifically looked at the Reddit and White Leafy Shorts. Both are designed with the same features as the pants. They feature a pull-on design with two front and two back pockets. The Reddit Short has a 10” inseam; the White Leafy Short has a 13.5” inseam and is an eye catching design without being gaudy. Both are available in sizes 0 – 16.

This is just a snapshot of what the Swing Control Masters Collection has to offer ladies. For more information and to order some for yourself, visit www.swingcontrol.com.